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Managing your User Account

From this page, you may change several settings which apply to your user account - these settings will persist between empires and between rounds.


Depending on the game's setup, multiple color schemes may be available for you to choose from. Simply select the one you wish to use and press "Change Style". The new style should take effect immediately.

Change Password

If you believe your password has been compromised (or if you simply haven't changed it in a while), you may change your account password here - simply enter your desired new password twice.


All in-game times are typically tracked in the time zone in which the game's server itself is located - if you are located in a different time zone and wish to display times as they would be in your area, simply select your time zone from the dropdown list and press "Change Timezone".

Each time this page is loaded, the current time will be displayed in your configured timezone. Note that Daylight Savings Time is not detected - when your local time switches to and from DST, you will need to update your account configuration accordingly.

Date Format

Here you may define how in-game dates are displayed. Simply type in a date specification (see the date() documentation for a full list of formatting codes) and press "Change Format".

Note that format specifications involving the name of the current time zone (i.e. "e" and "T") cannot be used, as they will always display "UTC".


By default, QM Promisance is available in English only, but if your server administrator has installed any additional language packs, you may select one here and play the game in a different language.

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