QM Promisance Credits

QM Promisance version 4 code written by Quietust
Based on QM Promisance version 3, written by Quietust and Morvandium
Based on code from EZClan Promisance v2.6, by Tom 'Inferno' Finnell and Jordan 'Mambo' Heine
Based on the original Promisance, by the late Paul C. Purgett

Alpha/Beta Testers for QM Promisance v3.0:
Devlyn, General Galaf, Lady Gwendolyn, Archbishop Hetchman, The High Priest, Leaping Frogs, Leaijrn, Starion, Swest, Dark Templar, Thorin, Thrustaevis, Woody, zEro, and many others.
Alpha/Beta Testers for QM Promisance v4.0:
Amnay, Awayboys, Ferret, Laios, Lord Corwin, Raven, Zion Zero, and many others.

QM Promisance v4.9 Beta
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