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Sending Foreign Aid

If one of your friends or clanmates is in trouble and needs help, you can send some of your Galleons with a shipment of troops and supplies. Up to 5 shipments can be sent at any given time, and one additional shipment can be sent every 1 hour.

In a single aid shipment, you can send up to 20% of your empire's currently available Footmen, Catapults, Zeppelins, Galleons, Money, Mana, and Grains to another empire.

No matter what you wish to send, you must send a minimum number of Galleons to deliver your shipment, where the amount is based on the size of your empire. If you specify a number smaller than this amount, any remaining Galleons will be automatically returned to you once your shipment is delivered.

Aid can only be sent to those who actually need it - an empire whose networth is significantly greater than yours likely has no need for your goods. However, if you are in a clan, you will be allowed to send goods to clanmates many times your size.

It is not possible to send aid to those you are at war with - the very idea is laughable.

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